Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Old School

So today I went with BFF back to high school cause I was done with finals. And we went into my old newspaper room and saw my good old teacher, MRS. Z. She gave me a cookie. Then I took some of these heart-shaped post-its because we were going to see ol' Mr. Bixby and we have this thing with post-its. But we get to the room and he's not there! I guess it was lunch time. So we put these heart shaped post its along the window of his door and wrote "guess who?" So we later came back and he was looking all sad and depressed (he obviously missed us) and I put a heart on his desk and he doesn't even look up and is like, "sigh, thank you." But then he looked up and saw it was us and was completely taken aback that we were there. And all of his students were snickering at him and he was like, "Let's go out in the hallway. All of you guys, get back to work!" and the whole class burst out into laughter. I do miss those days....

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